Fish and Smokes

The fishermen of Port Isaac are ruled by the weather…on days where there is a savage prefrontal swell building with the chop, there is nothing for them to do except stand round the pubs, drink and smoke…….

The walls of the pub are foot thick stone, whitewashed, with dark beams across the low roof…..when they built it…a few hundred years ago, people were shorter….they didnt have to duck through doorways!! The fishing village is built at the end of the cove, the oldest buildings in the centre of town and at the bottom of the hills……in 1715 the fishermen were buying ales in these pubs……as the centuries passed, the town grew until it had more than one supermarket, a petrol station……..then the kids left, the shops closed…..or the shops closed, the kids left…even the locals aren’t sure whether it was the chicken or the egg.Image



In the words of J K Rowling..... ” I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It’s totally for myself. ” if you enjoy what I write, I'm delighted...if you don't...then I'm delighted..... I'm a retired business manager chasing storms and weather in Australia and the USA, photographing anything that takes my eye, and catching up on my reading from the last 23 years. I've finally got the chance to share my thoughts with the world.
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