Supermarket confusion

As you get older your brain becomes less flexible….or so they tell us… Woodend the Coles supermarket used to rearrange their shelves….not just some of their shelves, not moving things up and down…but rearranging the entire supermarket!!! And in one reconfiguration, they even made the aisles narrower….

Now if you really wasupermarket2nt to create total chaos in a confined space…..that is how you do it!!

Anyone who was long sighted couldn’t get far enough back from the shelves to be able to read labels clearly, and if you had a trolley you could pass someone going the other way with just…….get this…2.5cm / 1″ to spare ……but only if your aim was dead straight!!!! There was the sound of clashing trolleys all over the store!!

Picture 100 people of all ages from 90 years old down to tiny babies all suddenly inhabiting a space which bore no resemblance whatsoever to the place they had visited last week……absolutely nothing, with the exception of the freezers, was in the same place…..

….Aussies will have a whinge to anyone, even if they don’t know them personally when put into a situation like this!!!! “Do you know where the toilet paper is?” came the plaintive cry from a little old lady standing staring at the tinned fruit….”I’ve been all over the place and I can’t find it…”……a teenage boy led her away…..a young bloke was losing his temper because of his total inability to find the white flour he’d been sent down to buy…… Everywhere there was discussion and grumbling…shopping had never taken so long…..everyone hated it…but we were all back again next week……

This morning they opened the new “version” of our local supermarket, the previous “version” had been sold after nearly 90 years ownership….the shelves where full and stacked towards the roof, cheese, meats, fruit & vegetables, all sort of things to marvel at…..but the first thing we heard was a little old lady complaining that the “bread isn’t where it used to be”…..we chuckled……and went hunting for the dish washing liquid!!!



In the words of J K Rowling..... ” I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It’s totally for myself. ” if you enjoy what I write, I'm delighted...if you don't...then I'm delighted..... I'm a retired business manager chasing storms and weather in Australia and the USA, photographing anything that takes my eye, and catching up on my reading from the last 23 years. I've finally got the chance to share my thoughts with the world.
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