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We arrived in Los Angeles before we left Melbourne…..

You read right!! We left Melbourne in the southern hemisphere at 7am on the 18th January…..and with a good jet at our tail across the Pacific, we landed in Los Angeles at 5.51am on the 18th January…nearly 1 hour before … Continue reading

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What’s a “use by date” among friends?

there’s something about being jammed in a seat behind someone who leans back from the very beginning of a flight…… The cabin of the 737-700 from Melbourne to Brisbane is flooded with early morning light, the stratocumulus below us is … Continue reading

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The journey of a thousand miles (and more) starts with a washing machine….

Dear diary…. Saturday 17th January: up early after getting to sleep at 3.30am after rescuing Rosie the cat from the blackness of the night at 1.30 and then having to entice Daisy the snoring labrador out of my room at … Continue reading

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