The journey of a thousand miles (and more) starts with a washing machine….

Dear diary….
Saturday 17th January: up early after getting to sleep at 3.30am after rescuing Rosie the cat from the blackness of the night at 1.30 and then having to entice Daisy the snoring labrador out of my room at 2.30..we were in somewhat urgent need of a new washing machine to replace the one that died at 11pm last night, so we hit the road just after 8 and were in Melton down in the flat country by 9.05am….the purchase of a new model was completed in about 3 minutes flat, leaving the salesperson rather bemused at the speed of his first sale for the day..and we somehow managed a saving of 18% on a 6.5kg washer!!! Loaded it into the wagon, drove back up into the hills and had it in the laundry before Dayle, our young chauffeur had even hit the shower..

Packed everything into the little Toyota, bid farewell to the animals and motored off to Woodend…….to be dropped off at the station..and off on our pilgrimage to the other hemisphere..


We caught the train into Southern Cross in Melbourne, loaded like a pair of packhorses…our cost to that point…$0 (not counting the washing machine)
Stopped for a coffee and a Clyve drew a tornado in his froth…must surely be the sign of a good US chase season to come!!!!


Onto the airport bus….technology triumphs again….I had the scan codes of the tickets on my phone…and they worked!!! first go even!!!

Rolled ourselves over to the Ibis hotel round from the airport…the receptionist looked with pity at our 6 pieces of luggage and promptly shuffled our reservation from the 3rd (no lift) floor to ground level…for which we will be eternally grateful!!!!!

The shower was fabulous……but the bathroom cubicle might come as a rude shock to anyone who hasn’t a) travelled in a sleeping compartment on an Amtrack train and had to shower in the bathroom at the end of the carriage, b) stayed in a hotel room in Paris or c) travelled in a self contained motorhome…small is not really the best description…but the shower was fabulous!!!!!

it’s 8.30pm, the light is still filtering around the blinds…and we have to be up at 5am for the first leg of our aerial hopscotching across the globe….



In the words of J K Rowling..... ” I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It’s totally for myself. ” if you enjoy what I write, I'm delighted...if you don't...then I'm delighted..... I'm a retired business manager chasing storms and weather in Australia and the USA, photographing anything that takes my eye, and catching up on my reading from the last 23 years. I've finally got the chance to share my thoughts with the world.
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